NEXT UPDATE SCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 2021! Will be including live Luna moth cocoons, ceramic art, new jewelry, nature vials, and more.
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Your Purchase is your own piece of Fairyland, full of woodland magic 
Ringing Rocks Jewelry strives to create visual fairytales through unique adornments that are inspired by the magic of nature!  In the collections you may find crystals, butterfly wings, dried flowers, mushrooms, bones, preserved insects, and other natural treasures.  Each item is sourced ethically and also includes re-purposed material whenever possible.
Christine Sakos is the artist at Ringing Rocks Jewelry.  Over the years her art forms have grown to include classic silversmithing, wire wrapping, copper electroforming,, and ceramics. When she is not creating she enjoys wandering through the forests of Northeastern Pennsylvania to collect materials for her next projects.  She also raises Luna Moths and Cecropia Moths! 
You can read more about Christine and Ringing Rocks Jewelry in her blog, Words from Fairyland.