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About Ringing Rocks Jewelry

Instagram link: @ringingrocksjewelry 
Ringing Rocks Jewelry is based out of Bucks County PA and is the work of artist and naturalist Christine Sakos.  Christine grew up surrounded by nature and art.  She hopes to bring a little magic into each piece she creates.  Her materials include butterfly wings, sticks and stones, clay ceramic stoneware with food safe glazes, metals, insects, mushrooms, wood, glass, bone, and more.  Nature has acted as the key to unlock Christine's imagination, you will find a great variety of thoughtfully foraged items throughout her works and inspirations.  She also is passionate about breeding and rearing North American Silk Moth species, including Actias Luna, more commonly known as the Luna Moth.  Most days, Christine can be found in her cabin deep in the woods, with her very small dog and very old cat, making art.  She spends her free time learning about moths, bees, and wild mushrooms.  Her home is often alive with species of native caterpillars, moths and cocoons, and of course, an occasional faerie or wood elf!