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♥ Your purchase is your own piece of Fairyland, full of tiny magic and woodland wonder 
Jewelry should tell a story, and Ringing Rocks Jewelry is all about creating unique and interesting adornments inspired by nature.  In the collections you may find crystals, butterfly wings, mushrooms, bones, preserved insects, dried flowers, and other natural treasures.  Each item is sourced ethically and also includes re-purposed material whenever possible.  
Christine Sakos is the artist and owner of Ringing Rocks Jewelry, based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Her art has grown to include silversmithing, wire wrapping, and most recently electroforming.  Christine loves exploring new materials and techniques and has found that resin allows for much versatility in her recent jewelry.  She enjoys exploring the enchanting fairy forests that surround her, and collecting treasured bits of flora and fauna for her creations. 
You can read more about Christine and Ringing Rocks Jewelry in her blog, Words from Fairyland.  
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