NEXT UPDATE SCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 2021! Will be including live Luna moth cocoons, ceramic art, new jewelry, nature vials, and more.
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Raising Actias Luna

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Raising Actias Luna

A while back I started seeing some Instagram posts about mothing.  People raising moths.  Eggs. Caterpillars.  Cocoons.  Glorious winged creatures were emerging, people were holding them on their finger tips and documenting it all. I was fascinated by seeing these experiences and wanted to become a "moth mom" myself.  I could not stop thinking about it actually.  I was bitten by the bug bug.  No surprise really, since I worked in the entomology department during my studies in college.  During that time I raised seven different species of mosquitos, as well as cockroaches, in the basement of the entomology science lab......

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